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Collect Wisely

Mission Statement

Collect Wisely. Sean Kelly, New York. Photography: Jason Wyche, New York

Sean Kelly is delighted to premiere a provocative new media campaign designed to encourage lively discussion around the topic of collecting and connoisseurship. Launched on May 2, 2018, Collect Wisely’s aim is to question the art world status quo and an increasing preoccupation with short-term monetary interests, to refocus the dialogue around core values centered upon art, artists, a passion for collecting and issues of connoisseurship.

Collect Wisely asks what it means to be a collector today, if that has changed over time, and where the future of collecting is headed. Issues of patronage, connoisseurship, emotional connectivity, and engagement with a long-term historical view are traditionally of central concern to collectors. How are these mores shifting? Collect Wisely is a call to action, a far-reaching initiative geared toward bringing together individuals, institutions, and galleries to build a vital community and inspire future generations to focus on a wide-ranging and meaningful investment in culture.

This dynamic initiative will include print and digital platforms, social media outreach, and artist-led events. An integral component of the campaign will be a monthly podcast series in which a diverse array of collectors will be interviewed about their passion for art and the motivations and enthusiasms that guide their personal stories. These informal conversations will be hosted on the new Collect Wisely section of and select podcast sharing platforms.



Collect Wisely. Sean Kelly, New York. Photography: Jason Wyche, New York

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