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Shahzia Sikander: Ecstasy As Sublime, Heart As Vector

MAXXI, 2016


A catalogue published by Bruno with essays by Hou Hanru, Ayad Akhtar, Claire Brandon and Anne Palopoli and an interview by Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya published in conjunction with a solo exhibition at the MAXXI museum.

Shahzia Sikander observes the present through the lens of the imagination, symbols, literature and history of diverse cultural traditions. Her rich, complex oeuvre is housed for the first time in an Italian museum with this exhibition that shows the artist’s work from 1990’s to the present day. Included are works born from critical thinking and inquiry of historical, literary and political positions that delineate the inherent complexity of universal themes ranging from the pre-colonial to the post-colonial, geopolitical changes, migration, cultural quarantine and the birth of nations and religion and ultimately human identity.

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