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Shahzia Sikander: Apparatus of Power

Hong Kong University Press, November 2016


Shahzia Sikander: Apparatus of Power is published by Asia Society Hong Kong Center on the occasion of Shahzia Sikander’s 2016 solo exhibition at Asia Society Hong Kong Center. Edited by the exhibition’s curator, Claire Brandon, the book is 332 pages long with over 100 color plates. It is the most comprehensive publication on the artist to date. The catalogue includes a text by Brandon as well as contributions by Nick Robins, author of The Corporation that Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational (Pluto Press, 2012); art historian John Seyller, a specialist in miniature painting and author of Pahari Paintings in the Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art (Hyderabad, 2014); Ayad Akhtar, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his play Disgraced (2012);Ashley Nga-sai Wu, assistant curator at Asia Society Hong Kong Center; and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine Galleries's co-director, as well as curator and author of Ways of Curating (Farber & Farber, 2014). It also includes an artist statement by Sikander in which she reflects upon her practice since the late 1980s. Graphic design by With Projects in New York and Zero and UBC in Hong Kong.

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