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Kehinde Wiley: Kehinde Wiley

Rizzoli, May 2012


This volume—the only comprehensive monograph on Wiley’s work—offers an in-depth understanding of the artist’s oeuvre, providing high quality reproductions of Wiley's in both full-page and smaller formats.

The publication includes a forward illuminating the major themes of Wiley's work from Thelma Golden, the chief curator and director of the Studio Museum in Harlem, New York. Art historian Robert Hobbs deconstructs Wiley’s conceptual realism and process of portraiture in an essay. Sarah E. Lewis, curator and historian, analyzes the critical reception of Wiley's work, with a particular emphasis on his historical portraits (2005 - 2008), which reinterpret Western Europe's traditional portraiture commissions: royalty, the church, and the military. Author Brian Keith Jackson analyzes Wiley's depictions of the body and the impact of the male gaze in these works while Index magazine's founder Peter Halley leads a thoughtful interview with Wiley that traces the themes of contradiction and consumption in his practice.

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