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Janina Tschäpe: Flatlands

Hirmer, February 2021


The paintings, drawings, photographs and video installations of Janaina Tschäpe are inspired by the female body. The artist’s subject complexes are landscape, death, renewal and transformation. Viewers of her multi-layered works feel as if they have been transported into a dream world of primeval landscapes, ambiguous signs and exotic vegetation.

Tschäpe (*1973 in Munich) grew up in Brazil; her first name is that of a Brazilian water goddess. Thus it is no coincidence that the female figure will mostly be found at the centre of her photographs and performances. Inspired by nature in Brazil, they are often framed by organic forms or embedded in flowing waters and form their own artistic cosmos. Tschäpe also links lines and forms with each other in her paintings to create a network of interconnections. Janaina Tschäpe lives and works in New York and Rio de Janeiro and has established an international reputation through exhibitions in museums including the Guggenheim in New York and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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