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James Casebere: The Spatial Unanny

Charta, August 2001


Casebere's vacant interiors, bereft of all reference to human existence, yawn from the pages of this intriguing monograph in a way that makes absence a psychologically onerous presence. Photographs of architectural models he built himself, Casebere's creations are spiritual, sinister, and noisily silent, like the aftermath of some cataclysm. Essays by Anthony Vidler (Warped Space) and freelance writer Chris Chang (Reel Works) venture interpretations of Casebere's works, breaking them down into a series of concepts that engage the theories of Freud, Walter Benjamin, and Michel Foucault, as well as cultural notions of space. Jeffrey Eugenides's (The Virgin Suicides) fictional, stream-of-conscious reminiscences endow Casebere's oeuvre with coherent meaning and intent by drawing the interior and exterior landscapes into a fluid narrative.

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