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Callum Innes: I'll Close my Eyes

Hatje Cantz, April 2017


His large-format paintings always wish to be more than just square surfaces. Although the Scottish painter Callum Innes (*1962 in Edinburgh) has devoted himself and his inimitable brushwork mainly to this clearly delimited format since the 1990s, his Minimalist paintings primarily deal with the thorough exploration of painting. After painting a bar of color, he immerses his brush in turpentine and proceeds to remove what’s there. This is often followed by yet another coat and finally, another removal. Innes has steadily created poetic paintings, using different color combinations and intensities, as well as different materials—canvas, watercolor paper, and masonry. Photographs of installations and fascinating details allow readers to sense the effects of Innes’s art in a wonderful way. What at first seems to be merely abstract ultimately reveals gorgeous, hypnotic depth.

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