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Antony Gormley: Event Horizon Hong Kong

The British Council, January 2016


Author Ackbar Abbas describes how Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon resonates with Hong Kong people and how it can change the perception of public art in the city. As Abbas puts it, "Gormley’s work is critical and reflexive, but it is not judgmental. It does not take the form of a critique that argues that something is true or false, but the form of a demonstration that, like an experiment, shows us that the way things are is not the only way; it can be otherwise. Is that what these silent figures installed on Hong Kong’s roof tops with their gaze fixed on distant horizons are demonstrating, the possibility that things can be otherwise?" Antony Gormley: Event Horizon Hong Kong is the most extensive public art installation ever seen in the city. The project launched on November 29, 2015 and will continue to be a part of the Hong Kong cityscape until May 18, 2016. Event Horizon offers people in Hong Kong a chance to see and interact with a world-renowned art project and to delight in the compliment paid to Hong Kong as ‘the Asian city of choice for the arts’ – changing the face of contemporary art in the city and paving the way for more public art.

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