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Sun Xun in #InDetail

Today we go #InDetail with a pastel work on canvas by Sun Xun, Tears of Chiwen: Eternal, 2016.

This work is from a series #SunXun created based on a film of the same name, Tears of Chiwen. The chiwen is a legendary ornamental motif in the form of a dragon used to adorn the edge of the roof on ancient buildings. Known as the dragon’s son, it serves both a protective and symbolic function in its ability to control rain and protect against fire, bringing good fortune to the house.

Tears of Chiwen is also a metaphor; the tears symbolize water, happiness, and sadness. The 'tears' of the chiwen refer to the history of East Asia and the sadness of losing their traditions as each country has absorbed Western cultures, while also referencing the happiness and anticipation for a better future. The works in Sun Xun’s Tears of Chiwen series reflect on the modernity of East Asian Culture in the context of globalization.

Tears of Chiwen: Eternal, 2016, pastel on canvas, framed: 60 5/8 x 60 5/8 x 5 7/8 inches

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