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Sam Moyer #InDetail

Today we go #InDetail with Sam Moyer’s painting Boarder Lord, 2020.“For me, the goal is to create work that exists in the space between assumed material roles and defined categories.” - #SamMoyer

Sam Moyer finds inspiration in architectural space and natural materials. Recognized for a diverse practice, she unites found textures and objects in innovative ways to create compelling hybrids. The stone used throughout her paintings comes from repurposed remnants, offcuts, and leftovers from larger commercial projects. “The stone holds the marks of previous experience, and often one can see evidence of the original intention. Collecting the stone is a substantial part of my practice.” In combining found stone with hand-painted canvases, Moyer juxtaposes the textural imperfections of the industrial design process with the creative techniques employed by the artists hand. In speaking about this contrast Moyer states, “Although both the stone and cloth are completely organic, the manner in which they are processed and finished creates powerful associations and disjunction.”

Sam Moyer, Boarder Lord, 2020, marble and hand painted canvas mounted to MDF, 44 x 33 1/2 x 1 inches