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Sam Moyer in Doors for Doris

New York-based artist Sam Moyer has developed a distinctive language of abstraction that draws inspiration from architectural space and natural materials. Recognized for a diverse practice in which she unites found textures and objects in innovative ways, Moyer creates compelling hybrids, often combining hand-painted fabrics with repurposed marble, slate, and stone that carry textural imperfections reflecting industrial design processes. Next September, Moyer’s commission for Doris C. Freedman Plaza will investigate the economy of stone and how these natural materials manifest in the urban landscape. Moyer will construct archways using stone indigenous to the New York area and remnants of locally sourced marble that originates from around the world. Adorned with rich, mosaic patterns, the portals will allow the public to pass through and around the sculpture into Central Park. This powerful new work will stand as a gateway between bustling Midtown—seen through the same types of polished stone often used as construction elements in the architecture of New York—and the more restive oasis of nature that is Central Park. Moyer’s upcoming commission emphasizes the character of the city as a diverse mosaic of people from countless cultures.

This exhibition is curated by Public Art Fund Curator Daniel S. Palmer.

Image: Concept rendering of "Sam Moyer: Doors for Doris," on view starting September, 2020 at Doris C. Freedman Plaza, Central Park. Courtesy Sam Moyer Studio and Sean Kelly, New York.

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