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Peter Liversidge in Sign Paintings for Belfast

Peter Liversidge, who's Sign Paintings for the NHS powerfully captured the public mood during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been commissioned by the MAC to produce a new body of work which will act as a reflection on the events of 2020.

Sign Paintings for Belfast is a celebration of communities, of cooperation, and of protest. The project is driven by a desire to make heard a multiplicity of local voices, and present an opportunity to raise important questions around the immediate societal challenges we face post COVID-19.

During the period leading up to the exhibition opening, Peter will set up a studio in the gallery producing the work on site. During this period of residency, Peter will work collaboratively with the MAC's Associate Partners to reflect their interests and concerns and inform the content of the work.

Pre-booking your ticket to our exhibitions is now essential. More details on how to book are coming soon.

Image credit: Peter Liversidge, Sign Paintings for the NHS

We are grateful for sponsorship towards Peter Liversidge exhibition Sign Paintings for Belfast from Lefranc Bourgeois

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