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Marina Abramović and Julião Sarmento in Expanded

Expanded is a research and investigation project based on art, created in the context of the First Stone Programme, which is promoted by Assimagra and curated by experimentadesign. Through a partnership with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Expanded features original creations by Julião Sarmento and Marina Abramović, all conceived to be displayed in a public context.

The artworks presented explore, in one way or another, our perception of space, scale, time and place, as well as the possibility of expanding our self-imposed or culturally-based borders. Produced in stone, a natural resource that is millions of years old, they share a unifying element that provides them with a deep, timeless and resilient character, contradicting the chaos and superficiality of the contemporary world.

Placed within the gardens of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, immersed in nature and displayed together, these pieces provide visitors with  moments of experimentation and confrontation, underlining the value of art and culture in public spaces.

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