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Marina Abramovic Sean Kelly

The Royal Library presents an all-new work by the world-famous Serbian-born performance artist Marina Abramović. Her new work, Abramović Method for Treasure, was created especially for the exhibition of selected treasures from the library in The Black Diamond. Hand over your phone, take of your shoes and devote yourself to a sensous experience of the stories of the books.

Marina Abramović is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest and most barrier-breaking performance artists of our age. In her works she directly involves herself and the audience in everything from intense performances to actions that emphasise a deep, profound sense of presence in the here and now.

The pivotal point of the work shown at The Royal Library is the encounter between audiences and the library's treasures. For more than fifty years now Abramović has worked with her so-called Abramović Method, which uses performative approaches and rituals to heighten the participants' sense of mental and physical presence in the here and now, thereby supporting a sensuous, personal and almost meditative participation in art and life.

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