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Marimekko and Landon Metz capsule collection  for Spring-Summer 2023

Finnish design house Marimekko has collaborated with New York-based artist Landon Metz, whose repeating compositions areprinted on Marimekko’s designs, creating a fresh interpretation of the design house’s philosophy of using the dress as a canvas for great art. The capsule collection including four dresses, three tops, and a skirt represents the second addition to the Marimekko Artist Series.

All pieces in the collection are made from organic unbleached cotton and were printed in Marimekko’s own textile printing factory in Helsinki to ensure the painting-like quality of the garments that is respectful to the imprint of the designer. “During the collaboration, Marimekko worked extremely closely with Landon and combined advanced printing technology with hand-painting techniques to authentically mimic the aesthetic derived from Metz’s original artworks” says Rebekka Bay, Creative Director at Marimekko.

“It's important to me that my work is conscious of the viewer, my intention is that their experience is both intellectual and embodied. Collaborating with Marimekko has been a way to articulate a counter shot to the dye and canvas works – literally wrapping the viewer in the image, and further blurring the boundaries between the visitors’ proximity to the canvases and the canvases themselves. For the wearer, it is a personal expression, but also an inward narrative and experience” — Landon Metz

The Marimekko and Landon Metz capsule collection is available from March 7th onwards.

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