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Leandro Erlich in Power of Harmony: The First Jinan International Biennale

"Power of Harmony-The First Jinan International Biennale" is committed to creating a high-standard, professional and international biennale of sustainable voice. With the joint efforts of all the curators, the nominated section of the curator of the Jinan International Biennale this year can be described as a gathering of global art resources, with a gathering of big names, and it is shining.

"Harmo-Power--the First Jinan International Biennale" devotes to create a biennale that has a sustainable voice for high standards,specialization,internationalization.With the joint efforts of all the curators,the curators'nomination section of Jinan International Biennale is a great gathering of the world's art resources and the famous shining artists.

When they get together, it is a fire, which will accelerate the gathering momentum of the Jinan International Biennale; after they spread out, they will be full of gypsophila, which can hold up a sky from all dimensions of the curator-nominated exhibition.

As the flame of fire they gather, expanding the momentum of the Jinan International Biennale continually; as a skyful of stars they scatter, contributing from various fields.

The first show of the Jinan International Biennale is coming soon, and we will continue to introduce relevant introductions to participating artists to prepare homework for the public in advance. They come from many countries around the world. They use art to build a bridge between civilizations and mutual learning. Their concepts and ideas will deepen the connotation of "Harmony Power", and they will certainly impress people in this biennale. .

With the debut of Jinan International Biennale coming soon, we will introduce the participating artists one after another to prepare for the visitors in advance.They come from all over the world, using art to build a bridge between different civilization.Their perceptions and ideologies will deepen the intension and substance of "harmo-power", and will also be very impressive during this whole biennale.

Leandro Ehrlich was born in Argentina in 1973, and lives and works in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Over the past two decades, his works have been exhibited all over the world and are permanently collected by important museums and private collectors. Ehrlich is particularly well-known in Asia. His recent exhibitions at Tokyo Mori Art Museum (2017) and Shanghai How Art Museum (2018) attracted thousands of viewers. On July 4, 2019, he held a large-scale art selection exhibition "Limits" at the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires. A week later, he became the first full-scale exhibition at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing Foreign artists exhibiting in the museum. The exhibition held this time is "The Realm of Taixu" .

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