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Kehinde Wiley, Julian Charrière, and David Claerbout in Caspar David Friedrich: Art for a new time

On the occasion of the 250th birthday of Caspar David Friedrich (*1774 Greifswald - 1840 Dresden), the Hamburger Kunsthalle is presenting the anniversary exhibition CASPAR DAVID FRIEDRICH. Art for a new time. It offers the most comprehensive exhibition of the work of the most important German Romantic artist in many years.

The focus of the exhibition is the thematic Friedrich retrospective with over 60 paintings, including numerous iconic key works, and around 100 drawings as well as selected works by his artist friends. The central theme is the novel relationship between people and nature in Friedrich's landscape depictions. In the first third of the 19th century he provided significant impulses to make the landscape genre “art for a new time”.

The enduring high fascination of his works is demonstrated in a separate part of the exhibition, which is dedicated to Friedrich's reception in contemporary art. In cross-genre and cross-media perspectives, around 20 artists from home and abroad discuss Friedrich's central theme - the relationship between people and their environment. They also illustrate how relevant the Romantic artist's artistic perspective is in times of climate change.