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Julian Charrière in WIDE OPEN. INS OFFENE

WIDE OPEN. INS OFFENE: What’s behind the title? The open is conceived as a space for fresh impulses and energies, a space without limits, without constraints. The artists’ works – their images and stories, inventions and experiments, imaginings and visions – invite us to push beyond the confines of thought and feeling and to enter this open space. The works give us a glimpse of the bigger picture, the view beyond the fence, inviting us to open up to our own inner selves and to the Other and to think the impossible. The selected works are a direct response to the emotional, political, social, and ecological state of today’s world and encourage us to ponder the conditions needed for a more humane coexistence.

The array of works and the different artistic practices they represent have one thing in common: an engagement with the fundamental questions of our time.