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Julian Charrière in (re)

16 international artists, known for their projects that bridge ecological and urban issues, were invited to develop instructions to create artworks. Some use elaborates graphics and some use text to generate their concept, as with the artists of the Fluxus movement in the 1960s. The instructions either lead to performative actions, to the production of material objects, or provide new perspectives on the interplay between humans and the environment.

While today's environmental debates, such as those on global climate change and CO2 emissions, are highly abstract, a direct contact with nature seems essential for our coexistence with other living beings—and not only in the city. The interactive design of the project aims to create sustainable, content-related sensitization and networking between gardeners, actors from arts and science, and city dwellers. The artistic works presented in rather unusual contexts engage a broad audience in the discussion surrounding current, urban ecological issues.

Artists: Caroline Bachmann, Julian Charrière, Eli Cortiñas, Andreas Greiner & Takafumi Tsukamoto, Valérie Favre, David Horvitz, Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective, Fabian Knecht, Antje Majewski, Luzie Meyer, Regina de Miguel, Adrien Missika, Pfelder, Simone Zaugg, Zheng Bo

Curator: Bernard Vienat

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