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Julian Charrière in Nowness Experiments: The Mesh

chi K11 art museum is proud to present NOWNESS Experiments: The Mesh, a moving-image exhibition produced in collaboration with NOWNESS. 

Echoing these presentations, D.E.E.P. (Disaster of Extra Epic Proportions), curated by Alvin Li, highlights new and recent works in the expanded field of moving image-based art to further delve into contemporary conditions of precarity, interconnectedness and strange intimacies. While some of the works investigate the energopolitics of various industries that accelerate social atomization and environmental change, others speculate on notions such as flat ontology, imminent spirituality and co-existence in ruins. A kind of expanded reflection on the material support of moving images, and the co-constitutive relation between media, technology and nature, is another motif that runs parallel to the thematic focus of this section. Through these works, D.E.E.P. attempts to stretch the discursive framework of an exhibition into its ecological entanglement. Among the artists and collectives featured in D.E.E.P. are Julian Charrière & Julius von Bismarck, exhibiting their work Objects in Mirror Might Be Closer Than They Appear, 2016.

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