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Julian Charrière in Critical Zones - In Search of a Common Ground

Critical Zones - In Search of a Common Ground shows a selection of the artistic positions exhibited at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and is complemented by further works from Indian and Sri Lankan artists. The exhibition is conceived in a way to give the visitors a feeling for this new territory,-Critical Zone, and also to make tangible the entanglements and interdependencies between different entities inhabiting the Critical Zone. The coming together of scientific knowledge and artistic sensitivity seeks to develop a kind of sensorium to understand our existence as entangled with all life-forms coinhabiting and shaping the Critical Zone. We invite our visitors to take an active part in this endeavor of reorientation within this space, the fragility of which is being uncovered and confirmed every day. A Fieldbook – which is an exhibition brochure – accompanies you, showing one of a multitude of paths you can take and allowing you to take field notes, and describe your position within this dense texture of traces and codependencies. The task of recomposing a common ground can only be done collectively.