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Joseph Kosuth in La Poesia è di tutti - A project by La Lettura - Fondazione Corriere della Sera

The exhibit revolves around one of the languages outlined in the insert, Poetry. As featured in the historical version of the supplement, also today in «la Lettura», a relevant space is dedicated to this literary genre in a variety of forms and content mediums representative of the distinctive style of writing of the supplement. The exhibition will focus on the original works created ad hoc by international artists such as Fabre, Fioroni, Jodice, Kiefer, Kosuth, Paladino, Pistoletto, Spalletti and Tatafiore, in dialogue with past and contemporary poets. Sandro Veronesi will present a new version of the monumental installation La Serra dei Poeti; the B. Livers will showcase their imagination and creativity; and, lastly, will be on display covers, illustrations, photographs, visual data, graphic novels – the result of the work of la Lettura throughout many years.

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