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Jose Dávila in La Casa que Nos Inventamos: Contemporary Art from Guadalajara

La casa que nos inventamos: Contemporary Art From Guadalajara provides an opportunity to consider how, since the 2000s, one city in Mexico has built upon its rich cultural history as the capital of the state of Jalisco to become a leading hub of contemporary architecture, design, cuisine, literature and visual art.

In recent decades, the social and economic impact of culturally dynamic communities has been widely recognized. The exhibition La casa que nos inventamos, which translates to “The house that we invented,” reflects on and responds to place — to the rich and complicated history, present and future of a creative community. It features nearly 50 conceptual artworks — paintings, sculptures, installations, performances — created within the last decade by nearly 20 visual artists from or living in Guadalajara. Featured in the survey are works by figures who rose to international prominence in the 2000s — Jose Dávila, Eduardo Sarabia, Francisco Ugarte — as well as by a generation of artists — Isa Carrillo, Larissa Garza, Renata Petersen — who have gained greater attention in recent years.