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James Casebere: Shou Sugi Ban

‘T’ Space is proud to present an installation of new sculptural work by James Casebere. This exhibition will be on view from July 20 – October 13, 2024, at the Archive Gallery, on the ‘T’ Space Reserve: 60 Round Lake Road in Rhinebeck, NY.

James Casebere’s work has addressed architecture from the start by building models to photograph. In the late ’80s, and early ‘90’s, Casebere built larger sculptural installations, but only recently has felt compelled to design new structures—first, specifically for photographs, and second, to imagine these new structures built in real space.

For this exhibition, Casebere will present a new series of large-scale wooden geometric sculptures that engage notions of synthetic nature: bio-design—or self-generating forms that suggest organic or inorganic growth. The impulse behind the sculpture was, for Casebere, partly about real life experience instead of on-screen, and the materiality, space, and use of light—crafting an analog experience that engages all the senses in a social context, similar to his Pavilion for 2 or 3 in Chatham, NY. These five sculptures were created for an indoor gallery or domestic space related to, but not participatory like the pavilion. Here, Casebere embraces the traditional vernacular Japanese method of wood preservation known as Shou Sugi Ban, and uses a sustainable bamboo plywood as the base material, constructing it out of planar surfaces, similar to the way he builds the original table-top models. While the burning creates a warm, soft, and organic surface instead of something cold and hard like steel, it refers to the destructiveness of fire, and hence, change over time. It seems to present both tradition, and technological innovation, past and future simultaneously.

The exhibition will open to the public during Upstate Art Weekend (July 20 – 21), and James Casebere will be present in the gallery to speak with visitors on Saturday, July 20 from 3-5 PM.


Upstate Art Weekend Extended Gallery Hours

Saturday July 20 & Sunday July 21, 11 AM - 5 PM

Meet-and-greet with James Casebere: Saturday, July 20 from 3-5 PM