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Iran do Espírito Santo in #IntheStudio
For the past four months, Iran has been working from his studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“In such circumstances, it’s awkward to even talk about my own interests and my art practices… but just like a baker makes bread, an artist makes art. The conditions are limited, so I decided I should concentrate on whatever is possible at this moment, working on projects, watercolors, and on my most frequent and faithful companion, my sketchbook, which I consider the most liberating support that houses all kinds of ideas and imagery, free of any censorship.” - #IrandoEspíritoSanto

One of Brazil's most intriguing contemporary artists, Espírito Santo is best known for work that deals with issues of place, structure, material, design, and surface with a rigorous conceptual sensibility. His work undertakes a subtle subversion of Minimalism through abstracted everyday items. Espírito Santo is concerned with the tactile attributes of his chosen materials and with the sensuous contours of simple abstract forms in space. Working in stainless steel, glass, copper, stone, or paint on plaster, he employs subtle illusionistic devices, instigating a play of depth that remains consistent from piece to piece.
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