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Idris Khan in Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound

Orchestral Manoeuvres: See Sound. Feel Sound. Be Sound brings together 32 composers and contemporary artists from across the world to create a very different kind of exhibition. Visit the exhibition to tune in, listen deeply, feel the vibrations and create your personal soundtrack.

Orchestral Manoeuvres is a unique exhibition that presents early Sound Art projects, different types of music scores and noise-making sculptures, through to contemporary projects that use digital, drawn and/or hand-made methods to make an object speak or sing.

The exhibition brings together some of the world’s leading contemporary sound artists whose works encourage us to listen more closely to the spaces we live in or visit. These artists ask us to imagine what music can be and how we might create it ourselves.

Some artists in the exhibition explore silence, you will also encounter singers who don't sing and a choir of people you can't see. This exhibition includes a piano that plays itself and instruments you've never seen or heard before. Try your hand at composing and perhaps take inspiration from famous composers who suggest you throw music around before you try to play it. Whatever journey you take through Orchestral Manoeuvres, music will never sound the same again.

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