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Dawoud Bey, Julian Charrière, and Wu Chi-Tsung in New Terrain: 21st-Century Landscape Photography

This spring, the Worcester Art Museum will present New Terrain: 21st-Century Landscape Photography, a new exhibition focused on how 21st-century artists use different photographic processes to explore the idea of landscape. Comprising approximately 30 artworks created over the past 20 years, the exhibition will highlight a wide range of techniques—including 3-D printing, weaving, embroidery, collage, and the use of nontraditional materials like rusted cans and lake water—that reinterpret the traditional practice of photography. Through these artworks, New Terrain serves as an entry point into deeper narratives about technology, identity, political activism, and history through the concept of the landscape. This exhibition is organized by Nancy Kathryn Burns, the Museum’s Stoddard Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs.