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Dawoud Bey in The Ongoing Moment: Recent Acquisitions of Photograph

Included in this exhibition in the Hoene Hoy Photography Gallery are recent acquisitions by Dawoud Bey, Mary Ellen Mark, Carrie Mae Weems, Aaron Turner, and Ray Metzker. This single-gallery exhibition borrows its title from a 2005 book by Geoff Dyer, in which the art historian and critic proposed that every photograph is part of a longer, larger narrative. He observed that similar kinds of images show up again and again in photography throughout history. These repetitions remind us that images become part of shared consciousness and trajectories of collective experience. In the photographs currently on view, familiar settings such as city streets or kitchen tables allude to longer stories that extend far beyond the frame. Aware that images made with a camera are constructed and subjective, these photographers demonstrate how photography can extend time rather than freeze it. 

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