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Dawoud Bey in Still, Life! Mourning, Meaning, Mending

According to chronos, or the measurable, linear perception of time, nearly two years have passed since we were swept into the maelstrom of the pandemic, wherein we continue to confront and reckon with loss, injustice, uncertainty, and vulnerability. Within the intersecting crises of Covid-19, civic protest, and the climate crisis, we are called to mourn and memorialize; to find meaning within persistent uncertainty, and to address the legacy and reality of injustice and inequity. The collective experience of time warping or wrinkling during periods of isolation and instability is reflected in works that highlight the notion of the glitch, and which posit new pathways and possibilities for the future. Featured artists include Portia Munson, Cosmo Whyte, Ebony G. Patterson, Heidi Lau, Zak Ové, Omar Victor Diop, Cajsa von Zeipel, and others.