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Callum Innes in Cadmium Orange, Red Violet, Lamp Black

Light and landscape, control and chaos:

Callum Innes is considered one of the most significant abstract painters of his generation. The Scottish artist lives and works in both Edinburgh and Oslo.

In the Tower Room, he presents a selection of works chosen and created specifically for this space: two site-specific paintings on the wall, a selection of oil paintings, and a series of 40 watercolors. About one of the works, the artist says the following:

"I will show a new Monologue painting: This comes from a series I made 15 years ago, which I have recently returned to. They use exploration of process, layering, and the transformative nature of paint. They come from a body of work which deal with paintings having their own intrinsic history. They are about a formed landscape and I felt it was appropriate for Bergen – as the meaning in English is Mountain."

— Callum Innes

The exhibition and installation takes place inside and out the facade of Lysverket.