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Alec Soth in The Space Between Us

Eric South first gained attention in 2004 with Sleeping on the Mississippi, a series of portraits of small-town American characters. Subsequent series explored a variety of themes from "Love" to "Visible/Invisible" to "Escape," each tied to the context of life in the American Midwest. Because of his unique perspective, South is regarded as one of the most prominent photographers of American society and geography today.

This exhibition "Me and You: Eric Soth" includes representative works from Soth's important series. The creation of series is a unique and important artistic technique of Soth. “The hallmark of a great photographer is not taking a stunning photo, but building the perfect collection,” says South.

Eric South is first and foremost an artist, his mind is like a painter who uses "light" to create. Although emotions of intimacy and alienation can be seen everywhere in his images, the most important thing in his creative approach is the subtle choice of focal point; unlike the stereotypes of portrait photography, Soth is most interested in the emphasis on objects by space in between to highlight their relationship. A closer look at these images reveals how seriously he examines the spatial relationship between himself and his subjects.

Soth's photography is unique in the way he creates portraits. Soth likes to walk into someone's life, into their psyche, as if into their living space. He completely immersed himself in the emotions of a moment, and likewise, these images became a projection of his inner emotions.

Soth's latest series "I Know How Your Heart Beats" comes after a year-long hiatus. During that year, Soth pondered and pursued the question: "What can a photo really tell us?" Create meaningful photos?" In this exhibition, his reflections will be gradually revealed through more than 40 extraordinary images from his photographic career.