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Tehching Hsieh in Circadian Rhythms

All life on earth - humans, other animals, plants and even bacteria - carry out biological processes to a 24-hour pattern of activity that mirrors the length of the earth day. Such processes are said to be subject to certain rhythms as they oscillate at different points during the 24-hour cycle, always following the same pattern of activity. Circadian Rhythms presents the work of Irish and international artists who explore these invisible forces through reflections on time, the cadence of working life, sleeping patterns, as well as through the impact of modern technologies that disrupt the natural world. The disruption of the body’s natural clock is captured in a seminal work by the performance artist Tehching Hsieh: One Year Performance (1980-81). For the duration of the year, the artist punched a time clock in his studio every hour, day and night, and photographed his appearance. The exhibition features elements from this work, remade by the artist, including a stop-animation film of his self-portrait photographs, time cards, artist statements and paraphernalia.