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Sam Moyer in #StaffPicksSaturday

Lauren Kelly, Partner/Director at #SeanKellyNY, has selected a new drawing by Sam Moyer. Kelly writes, “I am particularly drawn to Sam’s works on paper, such as this new drawing, Payne 101, 2020. Made using a tightly restricted palette of oil paint on Bristol paper, these gestural, abstract drawings are from an ongoing series entitled 'Payne,' which in fact refers to the color of the paint she uses. At the same time, I find the term Payne highly suggestive and like to envision these works as if they are indeed a corollary to both physical and psychological window panes, apertures into and out of Sam’s physical studio and her creative practice. Offering an access point into her process, I am intrigued to see how the instinctive, raw language of abstraction found in the drawings is also manifested in the works she produces in other, varied media including painting, sculpture and glass.”

Recognized for a diverse practice in which she unites found textures and objects in innovative ways, #SamMoyer has developed a distinctive language of abstraction that draws inspiration from architectural space and natural materials.

@laurenjadekelly writes “Sam creates compelling hybrids that often combine hand-painted fabrics with repurposed marble, slate, and stone that carry textural imperfections reflecting industrial design processes. Perhaps best known for works such as #Tōfuku-ji, which function simultaneously as painting and sculpture, Sam also creates luminous objects made of fused glass and bold, free-standing sculpture that range in scale from modest to monumental. Regarding the latter material, Sam has remarked how she was drawn to glass for its capacity to simultaneously inhabit fluid and solid states. Similarly, the primacy of drawing and its less restrictive nature allows more space for freedom and spontaneity to take the lead, whereas the paintings and sculptures due to their inherent physical properties, require a more formal approach.”

Sam Moyer, Payne 101 (c-19), 2020, oil on Bristol, paper: 24 x 19 inches (61 x 48.3 cm) @sammemoyer #StaffPicksSaturday