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Marina Abramović in Hyperrealities

Embark on a thrilling Virtual Reality journey as you make the quantum leap into your own body, live the life of rainbows and save an artist’s life.

In a playful contemplation of the self, the environment and the future, ArtScience Museum is proud to present Hyperrealities, our first Virtual Reality (VR) programme. It features a trio of innovative artworks: Rainbow, Rising, and Into Yourself, Fall by world-renowned artists Olafur Eliasson, Marina Abramović, and Anish Kapoor.

Put on the VR headset and see, hear, feel and experience a whole new world. Dive into your own body to marvel at the intricate magic networks that make up your flesh and muscle. Reach out and touch and shape a rainbow. Steady your feet in the thunderous chaos of crumbling polar ice caps and save an artist from almost certain doom.

Hyperrealities takes you on a fantastical journey into the brilliant minds of these groundbreaking artists and their virtual reality artworks.