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Leandro Erlich in A Tension

As of January 5th, a set of 17 large-scale works will change the way we see the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center Belo Horizonte building: floating boat and elevator, windows to imaginary gardens and even a swimming pool in which the visitor you can get in your clothes and stay submerged without fear of drowning are part of the exhibition of one of the most provocative and popular names in contemporary art, the Argentine Leandro Erlich.

The exhibition “ A tension ” (with an explicit and sonorously ambiguous name: those who cannot read can hear “attention”), reveals, in its title, one of the probable feelings that visitors will feel in front of the artist's installations. This is because Erlich works with references that are, literally, “commonplaces”, spaces that we are used to seeing in our daily lives, but displaced from the condition of normality.

Erlich's work is structured on the mechanism of doubt, of questioning what our senses perceive at odds with what our minds know. The spectator is put in trivial everyday situations, such as taking an elevator, being in a classroom, but the optical illusions and the subversion of reality proposed by the artists make their works acquire surrealist adventure connotations.

"A Tensão", by Leandro Erlish, is curated by Marcello Dantas.