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Laurent Grasso in Topologies of the Real

CAFA Art Museum (CAFAM) will hold the large-scale media art exhibition "Topologies of the Real" from February 20 to March 29, together with ZKM's tour exhibition "Art in Motion: Masterpieces with and through Media", and initiate the first "CAFAM Techne Triennial". The "Topologies of the Real" exhibition will be composed of three parts: "Reality Interrupted", "Datumsoria: The Return of the Real" and "Multiverse: Ecology without Nature", to examine the trace of the concept of truth being repetitively challenged and altered by artistic imaginations under clear acceleration of the time-space technical construction since the mid 20th century, as well as the political, economic and cultural dilemma and potential that lie in the flattening and synchronic digital contemporary age.

Laurent Grasso is exhibiting Solar Wind, 2017.