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Jose Dávila in #IntheStudio

For today’s #IntheStudio, Jose Dávila shares with us his impressions upon returning to his studio in Guadalajara, Mexico after a three-month absence. “I was finally back, but the place was like entering a home you fled and hasn’t been opened ever since. The studio keeps its stories through the objects it shelters and it felt there were many stories untold or unfinished. Like broken pieces that now need be joined.”

Working across a broad range of media, Jose Dávila creates elegant and refined sculptures, installations and photographic works that simultaneously emulate, critique, and pay homage to 20th century avant-garde art and architecture. “I like the cross-pollination between different media, between different spaces and between conceptual thinking and material working, because at the end, everything combines even if it’s not visible in the final work, in the final result.” - @josedavila