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Janaina Tschäpe in #InTheStudio

Janaina Tschäpe takes us through her studio in Bocaina, Brazil.

In her practice, Janaina Tschäpe often incorporates themes of aquatic, plant, and human life to suggest dreamlike, abstract landscapes that blur perceptions of illusion and reality. Her distinctive compositions convey a sensation of movement, their biomorphic shapes and gestural marks functioning as emotive signifiers of her interior thoughts. Tschäpe’s paintings contain innumerable layers of information accrued through the meticulous application of media, including watercolor, casein, colored pencil, and pastel.

Referencing myth, morphology, and the mysteries of aquatic states, she has developed a distinctive language of abstraction in which organic forms are imbued with a remarkable quality of luminosity. There exists in her work a dynamic tension between the loose, luscious forms that pervade the canvas and the precise systems of mark-making that often overlay and unify these compositions. Her carefully nuanced canvases and drawings include imagery evocative of the natural world, suggesting growth, transition, and metamorphosis.

To see Janaina Tschäpe's online viewing room, please click here.

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