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Iran do Espírito Santo in Reflexivos

The Oi Futuro Cultural Center presents “Reflexivos”, by Iran do Espírito Santo. The artist is recognized for productions that interrogate the problematic of representation, the relationship between subject (audience) and object (artistic production) and the traditional uses of supports in the visual arts. In this exhibition, since they are objects made with industrial materials, their production processes end up requiring the artist to use advanced technologies. However, the articulation with technology is not limited to methods of producing objects. The relationship between art and technology can also be seen and addressed in the relationship between the artist, the art object and the viewer. The social and cultural relevance of “Reflexivos” is to provide contact with a contemporary production that enhances, updates and opens up new possibilities for questions so fundamental to art. “The duality of the image, between concreteness and immateriality (of what is processed by the optical and mental apparatus) is one of the central motivations of my work”, emphasizes the artist.

Curator: Alberto Saraiva and Flávia Corpas