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Ilse D'Hollander

The Arts Club is delighted to present an exhibition of work by Belgian artist Ilse D’Hollander (1968-1997). 
During her short life, D’Hollander created a raw and highly resonant body of work. Her canvases and works on cardboard focus on the rich dialogue between representation and abstraction, shedding light on the ways in which colour and form are perceived. 

Born in Sint-Niklaas, D’Hollander later moved to the small pastoral town of Paulatem. Both settings became inspirations for her practice. D’Hollander subtly draws upon her experience and perception of place, particularly the Flemish countryside where she spent her last years. D’Hollander’s works present natural vistas, horizons and landscapes that are at once boundless and intimate. They reveal a command of graphic and painterly touch that captures, holds and averts attention. 
Her compositions are made up of striking geometric blocks and bands of colour, tempered by strokes of paint from a brush or even the artist’s own hand. The layered result can be read as a visual interpretation of her thought process.