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Dawoud Bey and Kehinde Wiley in Afrocosmologies: American Reflections

Black artists explore spirituality and culture in Afrocosmologies: American Reflections. Alongside artists of the late-nineteenth century, contemporary artists define new ideas about spirituality, identity, and the environment in ways that move beyond traditional narratives of Black Christianity. In dialogue, these works acknowledge a continuing body of beliefs—a cosmology—that incorporates the centrality of nature, ritual, and relationships between the human and the divine. Emerging from the rich religious and aesthetic traditions of West Africa and the Americas, these works present a dynamic cosmos of influences that shape Contemporary art. 

The exhibition  brings together the work of an incredible assortment of artists including Kehinde Wiley and many additional artists of note. It will be accompanied by a 156-page, fully illustrated catalogue with essays —to be released in October 2019.