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Times of radical changes or exceptional events have often shown, in hindsight, to be highly culturally productive. The exhibition THE WORLD:REGLITTERIZED is an immediate reaction to the massive changes within society and our lifestyles since the spring of 2020. In a way, this show sees itself as an essay referencing artistic positions and asking what it means not just for individuals but the entire population, to remain in the material reality of separate safe spaces. What turn will the immaterial, the psyche, the imagination take? How will the familiar and the mundane be filled with new meaning? How do our universal habits change, confronted with the impact of long-lasting legitimate social restrictions?


The exhibition intentionally oscillates between large, immersive installations and small, discursive objects within the framework of its suggestions. Thus the external or internal gaze onto the world will be reflected from ever-changing perspectives. The intended effect is an audience transfer toward a momentary “hands-on” mode rather than a distanced contemplation of contemporary art, generally favoured by the viewers. The visitors will be given a chance to become immersed in spheres apart from their world in order to be able to think about this world.


The focus will be on everything reaching beyond the limited, angst-ridden sole existence, and simultaneously register what the imaginary ego will do to escape the given situation it finds itself in. The basic position, however, remains optimistic and is closely expressed by the title THE WORLD:REGLITTERIZED, aspiring to form a universal, improved reconstruction or –at least- a new, distinctive shine and sparkle on all objects.