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Candida Höfer in “Photography!” - Masterpieces from the SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen

The Saarland Museum - Modern Gallery cooperates with the SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen. From June to October 2021, the Saarland Museum will initially host the photography from the SCHAUWERK, in November 2021 the photographic collection will be a guest in Sindelfingen.

Our exhibition is a great parade of the most important international positions of photography in contemporary art. One focus here is the so-called Düsseldorf Photo School, i.e. those artists who enjoyed their training with or in the vicinity of the artist couple Bernd and Hilla Becher. The relation to and the criticism of the understanding of a documentary photography plays a major role here. In addition, the work of Sherrie Levine stands for “appropriation art” - a primarily appropriative art - an approach that also plays an important role in the works of Elger Esser. Bettina Rheims, on the other hand, deals with perspectives and the definability of the female body in her work. Daniele Buetti's light box works deal with the understanding of gender roles in the commercial world of images. Nobuyoshi Araki's “Flowers” ​​represent sensual temptation and painterly interventions. With all these different facets in the medium of photography - and so in this selection too - the constant confrontation with light, space and body, with perception itself and its staging is essential discover.