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Callum Innes in #StaffPicksSaturday

Thomas Kelly, Partner, has selected a painting by Callum Innes for #StaffPicksSaturday.

”What I am drawn to most about ‘Exposed Painting Quinacridone Gold, 2020’ by Callum Innes is not only the depth and intensity of the painting itself, but just as importantly the process by which the paintings are made. It feels as though Callum is creating two paintings in one, by using contrasting methods.

The first painting is created when Callum applies the gold and black paint to the gessoed canvas using sharp, precise lines and a very rigid and structured method. This first iteration of the painting feels very controlled and exact.

The second painting is created when Callum applies the turpentine and washes or, ’un- paints’ the work. By applying the turpentine, Callum is relinquishing complete control, allowing chance to enter the process. The two processes combine to create the final work.

I can feel the activity and energy within the painting, but at the same time I lose myself in the depth and variations of color. I find it fascinating how Callum can use two methodologies to produce a single painting that evokes in me contradictory emotions.” - @kellythomas8

#CallumInnes, Exposed Pain􏰅ing Quinacridone Gold, 2020, Oil on Linen, 47 1/4 x􏰂 46 7/16 􏰉inches