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Sean Kelly is delighted to return to Frieze New York in Hudson Yards with a compelling presentation of works highlighting artists whose works examine themes of abstraction and the use of repetition as an aesthetic device. Our booth will feature a sculpture from Antony Gormley’s SLABWORKS series, which as in much of his work, examines the relationship with architecture and the built environment as it relates to the human form. Sam Moyer’s paintings address the space of painting and sculpture to create works that embody the literal qualities of their material form and the optical sensuality of surface. The density and precision of Idris Khan’s compositions are defined by his technique of imposing multiple layers of text upon one another, whilst simultaneously advocating for a slower, more considered way of looking. Hugo McCloud began his quarantine journal works as a strategy to be observant and remain calm and focused during the pandemic. These still-lifes, made of single-use plastic bags and oil paint, speak to the passage of time and the changing of seasons. Jose Davila’s cut-out photograph addresses the legacy of modernist master Dan Flavin. The interaction between light and space is highlighted by the absence of the fluorescent tubes. The ephemerality of Flavin’s installation is made obvious by Dávila’s intervention and manipulation. Frank Thiel's monumental works are not merely documentation, but picture a city reborn after a tumultuous history. In this image, Thiel photographed Hudson Yards in the early stages of its construction. The architectural structures in this photograph reflect the emergence of new patterns of urban existence. We will also introduce the work of Anthony Akinbola, whose artistic practice is built upon the philosophy of the readymade and reimagines the construction of identity. His textile paintings focus on the multi-faceted aspect of the durag, to create multidimensional works that engage issues around the commodification of Black culture. Akinbola will be the subject of a solo exhibition at Sean Kelly, New York in September 2022.