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Marina Abramović in The Cleaner

THE CLEANER is a unique retrospective exhibition devoted to the work of Marina Abramović, an eminent artist active for almost five decades, an icon of performance art and a remarkable figure in contemporary world art.

The show staged by CoCA Toruń is going to be an edition of Marina Abramović’s biggest retrospective in Europe organised together with the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, in collaboration with the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk and the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn.

Poland is the only country in this part of Europe included in the tour. The exhibition to be presented in Toruń will comprise about 120 works, starting with pieces dating back to the 1960s, to present-day ones. Organisers will stage a reconstruction of some performance acts by Abramović, re-enacted live during the show, next to drawings, paintings, sculptures, objects, photographs, videos and archive materials.

The international project entitled The Cleaner provides European audiences with the opportunity to encounter Marina Abramović’s wide-ranging body of work, and to take active part in some actions prepared by the artist, while young artist get a unique chance to learn and work with local communities.

Marina Abramović’s work has become a major foundation for the development of contemporary art. A radical creative attitude, good perception of the world and art make her stand out among creative circles of the time, and provide an invaluable source of inspiration for young artists. She has always related to the most important problems of contemporary world and the way individuals can affect it.

This exceptional artist will appear at CoCA Toruń at the opening reception in March 2019.

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