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James Casebere in La stanza analoga

The apartments of the Levante Wing host the exhibition La stanza analoga which is proposed as an echo of a particular environment of Palazzo Biscari: the room called "of Don Quixote" because frescoed with scenes depicting the adventures of the picturesque character of Cervantes. The exhibition brings together 17 artists from the Collection of different generations, who have carried out with their research a critique of representation through different languages ​​and mediums. Inspired by narrative devices found in Cervantes' novel - such as the criticism of authoritativeness and the concept of authenticity - the works explore different structures of meaning, questioning the legitimacy of knowledge and truth. Like Don Quixote, artists move along the thin line that separates reality from fiction: 'alienated in the analogy', they become 'the disordered players of the Same and the Other', to adopt the observations conducted by Michel Foucault on the character of Cervantes. The Sala 'del Don Quixote' of Palazzo Biscari remains inaccessible to the visitor, but is only present in his imagination as a starting point for the exhibition. This detachment creates an analogy between the abstract but perceptible space of the exhibition and the concrete but imperceptible space of the eighteenth-century hall.

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