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Sun Xun in Entropy

Faurschou Foundation presents the group exhibition Entropy in Venice during the 58th Venice Biennale 2019.

Grasping the dynamics of today’s Chinese art scene, Entropy explores the works of seven internationally recognized Chinese contemporary artists including Sun Xun. The exhibition was met with wide critical acclaim when it was first presented at Faurschou Foundation in Beijing last year. Now, an altered version of the exhibition is traveling to Venice for the Biennale.

The exhibition offers an insight into the complexity of the ever-evolving art scene in China today. While the artists share the experience of being born and raised in a rapidly changing China, marked by economic growth and cultural exchange, the exhibition allows each of their distinct voices to be heard. Like the scientific term “entropy,” which is a measurement of the number of possible states in a given system, the exhibition marks one voice of China, formed by many, and can be interpreted and experienced in various ways.

The seven artists presented at Faurschou Foundation were raised in China during different stages of economic reform. From the early 80’s generation, Faurschou Foundation presents artworks by Sun Xun. 

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