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Janaina Tschäpe and Julian Charrière in Memory of the sublime. The landscape in the XXI century

Part of our natural and cultural patrimony, landscape art tells the story of our time: humanity’s relationship with nature, and how architectonic transformations and technological advances have modified the environment we live in, changing the way we perceive it.

Landscape also materializes our physical sensations and our spiritual yearnings. Artists in both the past and the present have viewed it, more than anything else, as a creation of the mind, a fragment of intimacies. Art’s response to urgent environmental questions has been to return to the Romantic perception of nature and, to a degree, of the sense of the Sublime – that form of innamoramento with the world around us, together with an awareness of its fragility and, at the same time, its extraordinary power.

"Memoria del Sublime" (Memory of the Sublime) invites us to embark on the discovery of a world – natural, artificial or virtual – in constant metamorphosis and still able to seduce us with its beauty.

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