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Laurent Grasso in Du Soleil dans La Nuit

A para-scientific and retro futuristic universe!

Nationally and internationally recognized artist, Laurent Grasso is pleased to exhibit soon at the art center.

A fascinating work that pushes us to question ourselves about the truth of what we see ...

Laurent Grasso's work is situated in a constant back and forth between reality and fiction. The artist explores and deciphers this fragile limit between reason and faith, reality and lure, science and its marginal variations - without proselytizing or dogmatism, but by revealing or trying to probe these spaces of uncertainty . 

In general, his work questions the different modes of perception, taming and knowledge of reality through the exploration of scientific, para-scientific, religious or mythological materials. This is how the artist restores the memory of vanished beliefs and practices, explores the question of power as a magnetic force, and his works cross art and its representations in a transhistoric way. Laurent Grasso constantly upsets the constitution of the gaze and the phenomenon of vision (understood in its broadest sense).

For his exhibition at the Parvis, Laurent Grasso questions our perception of reality, between Cartesian vision and esoteric knowledge. But he also extends his reflection on proto-sciences and the “fringe sciences”, this research more or less accepted by academic science. Also, the artist offers for this exhibition a series of works around the power of waves, whose electromagnetic operation would have a potential action on the body and mind of the visitor. Rudolf Steiner, Georges Lakhovsky are thus invited, as are the aesthetics of their machines that the artist has revisited in sensitive and enigmatic sculptural forms.